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Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Here we are January 2023, a new year feels like a reset, we make new resolutions and think about what we want to do, experience and enjoy in 2023.  I feel that I have a blessed life, this is my 21st year of teaching Yoga, I am so passionate about yoga and sharing it and this never seems to wane.

There are many misconceptions about yoga, you have to be super bendy, skinny, beautiful, wear figure hugging designer clothes, have special equipment etc.  None of this is true, Yoga is a practise in Awareness, we firstly become aware of our body, how it is right now and really lets celebrate this amazing body, even with its aches, pains and limitations it is still blooming wonderful.  We move our joints and strengthen and lengthen our muscles in a way that works for us as individuals.

Then we become aware of our breath, not only life giving but a great tool to calm and centre us, learning to improve our breath, improves our health and energy levels. Its totally free and you don’t even need to be in a certain position or place.

Once we start to tune in we start to see the world differently, we live differently, we open up to beauty and awe, we are more engaged in this wonderous life. We relate better to those around us, we find belonging in our human family and connect to nature and all she has to offer.  Things that no longer work for us fall away with ease.  We walk taller, lighter and more connected to the earth and we find Unity the meaning of Yoga.

I invite you to come and join me, to invite yoga, awareness and unity into your life. I teach online on Mondays and Tuesdays.  In Peterchurch Village Hall on Wednesdays, a daytime class for those who feel knackered and a general Hatha class in the evening and in Hereford, in the gorgeous Clear Space Studios on Thursdays evenings.  Come and try a class, it’s a fiver for the first class and you will find a warm welcome by me and people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and all wearing their favourite comfy clothing. All the details can be found here

I look forward to seeing you.

Love, hugs and blissful Oms



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