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What people say about Bridget’s yoga and meditation classes

A re-connection with myself, a sense of peace and belonging within. I love the way Bridget brings so many aspects of the seasons/the moon/philosophy etc to the classes – it really helps affirm and value the greater picture/story of which we are all a part. I love the way we are encouraged to connect deeply and authentically with our bodies/selves during class – it’s so much more holistic than many yoga classes and there is no hint of competitive stances or the need to ‘achieve’ a certain pose/level etc.   Siobhan

I like that I’ve been exposed to some elements that I maybe wouldn’t have chosen to – and have in turn continued to find some of them really helpful. I’ve become happy to go with it and see what happens. Similarly with the variety of physical movement and asana’s – being challenged in slightly different ways helps to keep things fresh and free from habit. I find the class a really caring environment and always feel I’m engaging in something positive for me. I nearly always sleep with just a little bit more quality than normal, the night after a class – and that’s lovely also. Thank you for your continued commitment – it’s obvious how much work and effort you put into preparing the classes to try to bring new insights and understandings.   Phil
After an injury and losing my fitness, health, and confidence, the classes saved my mental health during the pandemic and set me gently and kindly on a path back to health and strength. Just hearing your voice makes my jaw unclench and my shoulders drop. I love that I always learn new things or ways to see life, and laugh during classes. It seems obvious but that you’re getting older and wiser along with me – not that I’m getting wiser necessarily but that you are like a much more sorted and serene guide, always developing and changing as life moves on for me too. Thanks for all the hope and joy you bring when we all need it so much.   Jo D
I really like it when you tell us how the movements benefit our bodies, physically, emotionally or mentally. I like explanations, they help me to visualise the good its doing. I like the fact that you don’t rush through different movements, and that they don’t usually feel too strenuous on my body during the movements, but after the session I feel well stretched and exercised. I like the fact that it starts with a short relaxation/meditation and finishes with breathing then Nidra. I wouldn’t want those to disappear. a much better working body, it helps any physical issues, or mental issues that Im experiencing. I love the moon aspect too, as I like to know all that kinda stuff!!   Clare MT
I have been falling off centre a lot recently and have found at times  calmness and control has helped me understand me a bit more, after a life of just trying to understand others. I find the classes quite inspiring and has helped with my low self confidence, like you would never have got me to hum along in public and enjoy it before that’s trust. I have found a new respect for my old body and I feel I am starting to understand and learn more about it. I always leave wanting more , relaxed and calm, I should maybe do more classes.   Janet
I understand my body more and I know how to be kind to it. I feel physically strong without the need to do gym-type stuff and my joints click much less than they used to! The classes help calm me after a busy week and ease anxieties. The breathing practices in particular help me with stressful and difficult moments of day to day life. I also love the philosophy behind the classes, which I never had at previous yoga classes.   Liz
Yoga has helped me so much physically, mentally and emotionally over the years and I am so very grateful that I found such an amazing, wonderful, inspirational teacher as you Bridget.
Attending the classes has helped me so much with my own wellbeing and personal development and has been my saviour in many different ways.
Thank you Bridget!   Val
Coming to class either on zoom or in the studio helps me a great deal. I do enjoy coming into the studio more but sometimes find it difficult. Attending the class makes me focus on myself, and provides me with a sense of calm most times. Helps me with my balance and breathing and is starting to make my body feel stronger. I love your class Bridget and think you are an amazing teacher.   Louise
I really love how the focus shifts with themes and there is so much variety in the movement and practices.  Thank you.   Tom

I get a  great sense of well-being, calmness, belonging and a feeling that I m not alone in how I approach the world and life. Flexibility in my body as I get older and also in my mind!  Philosophy, Meditation and Bridget’s perceptiveness are all vital to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.   Cathy

You really have helped shape my life Bridget – one of the blessed ones who does so much for so many and doesn’t realise how much they give.   Angela T
What I love about the class…
Movements – I’m stuck at a desk all day and love the fact you wake up and stretch our bodies and limbs that are in need of some attention!
Yoga Nidra – it’s a massive de-stress session after work. It feels very indulgent and “all about me” but in a really positive way. Yoga Nidra can be a real positive mood changer.
Philosophy / poems / readings / seasonal / moon info / anatomy info etc I would bunch as “stuff you talk about”. I really enjoy all that, there are things to learn and think about and enjoy.  It’s the thought behind what we do in class.   Claire M
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