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Labyrinth SoundScape Experience for Relaxation and Wellbeing

Everything in our world is vibrating, we are all a mass of vibrating atoms, creating a beautiful and complex human being.  When we are vibrating in harmony we meet our challenges and enjoy our successes, we inspire and are inspired by our community.  When we are out of harmony, everything is overwhelming, we struggle and withdraw and even our successes are unfulfilling.  Our world becomes smaller.  There are many things that we can use to help us vibrate harmoniously, Yoga has definitely helped me massively over the years but also has sound and music.  Sounds that enliven and inspire, sounds that soothe, comfort and centre me, sounds that get me moving physically and emotionally.  It’s no wonder that my love of sound has led me to train as a Sound Therapist and am able to share and offer it to you.

Group Relaxation Sessions

We come together to be bathed in the vibrations of sound from, singing bowls, chimes and percussion, drums, shrutti, voice and the mighty Gong.  I invite you to journey within, the sound is your guide, friend and confidante. Our mind is quietened and we go into a deeper space where we find our creative, intuitive and wise selves. Our brain waves slow down and enter the Theta state, this is considered the subconscious mind that retains memories and feelings and also directs our beliefs and behaviour, in this deeply relaxed state we are able to process our hidden gems and hurts and release our hang ups.

Group activities have a power of their own, we all come with different bodies, physically, emotionally and mentally and share the experience of the sound together and in return send out our own vibrations.  As we individually come to a sense of harmony, this has an affect on each and everyone of us in the group.

At the end of the session, we will gently come back into our waking state, you might feel a lightness or a deep tiredness, please go gentle with yourself and drink plenty of water.

Monthly Soundscape Experiences @ The Hub, Peterchurch

2024 –  Sunday 

16th June 4-5.15pm

14th July

8th Sept, 13th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec 

Cost : £12 (Concession £10)

Please contact Bridget for more info or to book 07904111334

Individual Sound Healing

This is can be for general relaxation or to target a specific physical, mental or emotionally blockage.  An in-depth consultation will be necessary and the sound session will be tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me for details and availability.

Cost : £40 

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