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Spring Equinox blessings

It was spring equinox on Sunday 20th March, our day and night became equal & we are reminded of the balance between light & dark, inner world and outer world, male & female, conscious & unconscious. The wheel of the solar year continues into this very active period & everywhere natures is going wild with new growth, new beginnings & possibilities.  I love this time of year, such beauty and signs of growth & potential.  Everything looks fresh & the…

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Still Point January 2022

Moonday 17th January and an big beautiful Wolf full moon in Cancer, shining bright and covering the land with her silvery light. Crisp, sunny cold winter days I feel the suns power increasing bringing warmth and longer days. The sap is stirring deep below and we are in the still point before the quickening, the embers of the fire glow and burst into life and the seeds that we have been incubating start to push against the restraints of their…

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