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All through the ages we have used rituals and ceremonies to mark important events of nature and of our lives. 

All of nature is cyclic and throughout the year there are 8 points to mark the changes of energy and celebrate the Earth, our connection and community.  For a long time I have followed these festivals and I hope to create gatherings in our woodland to honour and embrace the Solstices, Equinoxes and the cross quarter points of Imbolc, Beltain, Lammas and Samhain.

We also have the cycle of the moon highlighting our emotional selves and by honouring the phases of the moon we can honour our changing nature. I run a regular yoga class focusing on the phases of the moon on Moondays (Mondays) on zoom but also hope to add some in person events to celebrate the moon.

Then there is the cycle of life, birth and death and all that we experience between.

Ceremony doesn’t have to come from any tradition or religion, we are free to create a ceremony that is heartfelt and brings meaning and understanding and empowers us to use our experiences as learning opportunities and stepping stones to move on.  I have created my own ceremonies to honour different changes in my life and those of my friends, for example, moving home, marriage/connection, divorce, death, grief, gratitude, friendship, menopause, taking a new name.

To create a ceremony is to stand in stillness and declare our intention to honour a part of our lives. Glennie Kindred

If you would like to mark an important event in your life with a ceremony and would like help planning and orchestrating it please get in touch with me.

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